Happy 2023 — Music With a Mission

by Bill and Cissy Padgett


Well, we hope you are all doing well.  Since we sold our home in Helena life is a bit different this year. We celebrated Christmas with one of my sisters here in Florida and her family. We were invited to share our music ministry at Calvary Assembly in Kissimmee a few days before Christmas and had a wonderful service.

On January 28th we will enjoy a family reunion with Bill’s side of the family. Then a few weeks later, we will head to Texas to celebrate a belated Christmas with our oldest daughter and family and then on to Arizona where we have more services to share in as well as enjoy the company of several of our Montana friends.

On Father’s Day we have been invited to share at a Baptist Church in Valdez, Alaska so please join us in prayer for the Canadian border to remain open with no contingencies.  

I know we tell you often how much we appreciate you but we want to emphasize to you how vital your prayers and your generous financial support are to the continuation of this evangelical ministry. Travel is very expensive today, yet, through folks like you, God always provides where He guides. Life is tough today with more fear and depression exposed in people‘s lives than ever before. And yet, we hold the Key, the Answer for healing from depression. HOPE and Salvation is found in Jesus Christ! God will still do this for us if we only believe. He says, “Ask according to My will and it shall be done.” This doesn’t mean we get anything we want. It means if it is God’s will to do it then it shall be done! Do you have the faith to believe today? Ask of God.

In a tent ministry meeting, the Lord dropped into Aimee Semple McPherson’s spirit the words, “I want to do a creative miracle.” Without hesitating, she declared, “God wants to do a creative miracle. If you are in need, come down here to the front!” She gave the call for about ten minutes but no one came. She then continued preaching.

Again, the Lord prompted her again, so again she gave the call for about ten minutes. Finally, a woman in a chair with a blanket on her lap came to the front. The woman said, “I know you said God wanted to do a creative miracle but I didn’t know if you meant this creative,” as she pulled away the blanket, revealing a baby without arms or legs and deformed face.

Sister Aimee prayed a simple prayer for the child that said, “Let’s all lift up our hands and worship God!” For thirty minutes they did nothing but that. Then something amazing happened: Out of its little torso, the baby’s four limbs grew out and the face changed to that of a normal baby’s.

What a wonderful Savior and Healer we serve! –revival now!

We love you and will keep you posted on our journey of reaching, encouraging and providing hope through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged. God has a plan for America and the world!

Serving Him,

Bill and Cissy Padgett