You Went the Extra Mile

Dear CIssy and Bill, On behalf of the FVGMA I want to thank you for your outstanding ministry at our recent Fall Festival of Praise. You went the "extra mile" in sound checks, equipment procurement and helping our other music ministers. Thank you so very much. We hope the next weeks and months will bring more fruit for all your labor. . . . Thanks again for your support and all that you do in ministry with Music With a Mission proclaiming the "Good News" of Jesus.   Blessings,
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Ray Volin
Flathead Valley Gospel Music Assoc.

Blessed Today

So glad I was able to come for tea today. Enjoyed your message and songs. Hope you can make it back. Thanks again. Was blessed today. It is all about Jesus.
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Jeanette W.

Your Message and Song Spoke Volumes

Hi Cissy,
What a pleasure it was to meet you at the “Ladies Tea” and the “Singspiration” last Saturday and Sunday. What a pleasant and enjoyable surprise to hear you speak and at first I thought it would be just another tea about God’s love or some feel good message, but then the Lord spoke to my heart with your song “God Speaking”. In the lyrics you sang who knows how He will get a hold of us and how He gets our attention to prove He is enough. He will do and use whatever He wants to tell us “I Love You”. Also, what it feels like to be tangled up in fear and through it all He is speaking. You were such a breath of fresh air, dynamic and real with how you just drew us in by intertwining your personal experiences with God’s message that He is not done with us and then you sang “When God Has Another Plan”.

It must have been all over my face on how you knew that just two years ago my life had been drastically changed. I was in a ministry with some ladies for over 20 years helping with their website, books and sermons and singing. I started singing with one of the ladies who joined the ministry about five years prior and we were ministering in music singing duets and solos at churches, weddings, funerals, nursing homes and wherever the opportunity availed itself. We were about to record a CD when suddenly the Lord severed the relationship. They had become my friends and family and it was the most devastating thing that had ever happened to me. I almost lost my faith and I did loss my voice for a time. Through it all, I met my husband, a wonderful godly man and friend, but at different times I’ve doubted and thought that God took the other ministry away due to sin or that He just allowed His permissive not perfect will to get married again after I thought I never would.

Thank you so much for your ministry as you spoke the words I needed to hear to bring further healing in my life by knowing that God has different seasons and plans for our life and it is okay to just walk on and just say “yes”! Your message and song spoke volumes to me so thank you for bringing new hope and confirmation that “God Has Another Plan”. I look forward to seeing and hearing you again hopefully at our church sometime soon! I’m enjoying your three CD’s very much so thanks for being faithful to His will.

God Has so graciously given me a new life in that I met two lovely ladies, Patti and Jeanette who love the Lord and want to serve by singing praises to Him. So now I'm singing again in a trio to Him with these ladies who sing beautifully and all for the glory of God! You are so personable and down to earth. Blessings and prayers,
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Velvety, Beautiful Voice

My husband has music on with his playlist randomly selecting songs. Suddenly I heard the most velvety, beautiful voice singing a worship song. It was, of course, you (Cissy) and the Grigsby Sisters! I grew up hearing beautiful worship songs like those and had a moment of reflection and love thinking about you and your family. Just wanted to share. Thank you for serving the Lord all your life and continuing to do so. God bless you my sweet friend. Amen! The anointing never dies and the seeds we plant for the Lord continue to take root and grow generation after generation. I hope when you're back down this way to see you again too. Much love. XOXO
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Jaymee Chimento Breitwieser

Listening and Singing

"We have been listening, singing, and me, tearing up on the song about not wanting to live without Jesus!! Song title is... 'I can’t Live without You.'

Thank you! It’s been a blessing!"
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B & C Cornish