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What a privilege that God has allowed my husband, Bill and me to travel to faraway places and share the Gospel of Jesus with others. We are also honored to travel across America and do the same in churches, conferences, retreats, council meetings and other gatherings. On the pages following this we’ve given you just a taste of why Music With a Mission exists and why we are compelled to be “changing lives around the globe one anointed song at a time!” Matt 9:36-38 – Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into his harvest field. If you were to ask me to sum up the call of God on my life in one word, it would be compelling. I long for the next opportunity, the next harvest to work….and through the Holy Spirit touch one more life, encourage one more family, speak into one more young mother’s heart the love of Jesus! –Cissy


A copy of my children’s book  “Singing with Noah”, has just been delivered to Suriname, South America!



















Each of the music albums here may be purchased and downloaded or you may purchase the individual songs. All payments are through PayPal and music is the copyrighted property of Music With a Mission and Cissy Padgett.


He’s Everything Playlist

  1. I Was There When The Spirit Came Cissy Padgett 0:23
  2. Everything To Me Cissy Padgett 0:28
  3. Hold On To Hope Cissy Padgett 0:24
  4. Jesus Is Faithful Cissy Padgett 0:22
  5. He'll Deliver Me Cissy Padgett 0:20
  6. My Comfort Cissy Padgett 0:25
  7. Singing In The Rain Cissy Padgett 0:23
  8. Father's Compassion Cissy Padgett 0:26
  9. Sunday Night Meeting Cissy Padgett 0:21
  10. There You Are Cissy Padgett 0:24

Wonder Playlist

  1. Fall to Fly Cissy Padgett 0:18
  2. What A Beautiful Day Cissy Padgett 0:19
  3. Wonder Cissy Padgett 0:24
  4. By The Way Of The Cross Cissy Padgett 0:22
  5. I Wish I Could Have Been There Grigsby Sisters 0:27
  6. Who Am I Cissy Padgett 0:25
  7. I Go To The Rock Cissy Padgett 0:21
  8. Gonna Make It Cissy Padgett 0:28
  9. Are You Ready Cissy Padgett 0:19
  10. Serenaded By Angels Grigsby Sisters 0:25
  11. It's Lucky We Met Cissy Padgett 0:23
  12. God Bless America Cissy Padgett 0:23

Sweeter As The Days Go By Playlist

  1. I Can't Live Without You Cissy Padgett 0:27
  2. The First, The Last Cissy Padgett 0:28
  3. Revelation Song Cissy Padgett 0:29
  4. God Did It Cissy Padgett 0:25
  5. Your Grace Still Amazes Me Cissy Padgett 0:28
  6. Hymn Medley Cissy Padgett 0:29
  7. Four Days Late Cissy Padgett 0:20
  8. Hidden Heroes Cissy Padgett 0:27
  9. Send It On Down Cissy Padgett 0:27
  10. First King Of Rock & Roll (Slingin') Cissy Padgett 0:27

Broken and Restored Playlist

  1. A Baby Changes Everything Cissy Padgett 0:25
  2. One Touch Cissy Padgett 0:21
  3. Cool Drink of Water Cissy Padgett 0:29
  4. Why Do Bad Things Happen Cissy Padgett 0:28
  5. When I Grow Up Cissy Padgett 0:29
  6. Take It From One Who Knows Cissy Padgett 0:19
  7. Never Too Broken Cissy Padgett 0:21
  8. Shadow of the Cross Cissy Padgett 0:23
  9. I Want To Live It All Cissy Padgett 0:22
  10. Does Anybody Hear Her Cissy Padgett 0:28
  11. Wandering Heart Cissy Padgett 0:27
  12. I Will Not Be Moved Cissy Padgett 0:25

Shine Through Me Playlist

  1. The Beauty Of His Name Grigsby Sisters 0:25
  2. Better Hurry Up Grigsby Sisters 0:14
  3. When I Say Jesus Grigsby Sisters 0;20
  4. Jesus Made Me An Offer Grigsby Sisters 0:25
  5. I Know A Man Who Can Grigsby Sisters 0:22
  6. I Believe He's Coming Back Grigsby Sisters 0:21
  7. No Other Word For Grace Grigsby Sisters 0:19
  8. Shine Through Me Grigsby Sisters 0:24
  9. The Fourth Man Grigsby Sisters 0:24
  10. And He's Ever Interceding Grigsby Sisters 0:22

By Way of The Cross Playlist

  1. By The Way Of The Cross Cissy Padgett & James Pagels 0:25
  2. I Bowed On My Knees Cissy Padgett & James Pagels 0:29

Just Can’t Keep From Singing Playlist

  1. This Is The Stuff Cissy Padgett 0:22
  2. I'm Sure Cissy Padgett 0:20
  3. God Speaking Cissy Padgett 0:28
  4. The Fire Will Fall Cissy Padgett 0:25
  5. Fear Not Tomorrow Cissy Padgett 0:26
  6. Walking Up The King's Highway Cissy Padgett 0:24
  7. Hundred More Years Cissy Padgett 0:25
  8. I Can't Keep From Singing Cissy Padgett 0:23
  9. That Name Cissy Padgett 0:21
  10. I Can Do Cissy Padgett 0:18
  11. You Were There Cissy Padgett 0:22
  12. Mercy Leads Cissy Padgett 0:26
  13. Come To Me Cissy Padgett 0:26

Remembering Christmas Playlist

  1. Till We Remember Grigsby Sisters 0:25
  2. I'll Be Home For Christmas Grigsby Sisters 0:21
  3. Your Presence Grigsby Sisters 0:29
  4. She Cries Grigsby Sisters 0:24
  5. A Baby Changes Everything Grigsby Sisters 0:20
  6. Where's The Line To See Jesus Grigsby Sisters 0:26

Nothing’s Worrying Me Playlist

  1. Nothing's Worrying Me Cissy Padgett 0:19



Singing With Noah


Cantando con Noe


First King of Rock


Un Rey con Honda


Is The Sleeping Giant Really Sleeping?


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