Music With a Mission


“…exists because we are compelled to be ‘changing lives around the globe one anointed song at a time!’”



Ministry Highlights

Christian Service Center

Christian Service CenterOn Sunday morning, March 10, 2019, we ministered at the Christian Service Center in Winter Haven, CA.

Desert Grace

One of my sweetest fansSunday evening, March 10, we ministered at Desert Grace Church of the Nazarene in Yuma, AZ. I got the opportunity to meet this young man. He is one of my sweetest fans.

Mission to Mozambique

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MWAM has been asked to come to Mozambique to share the gospel through giving away 8000 copies of one of our Portuguese language kids’ books. We will visit schools and villages, minister in churches through music and more.
We’re pressing forward in faith, trusting in His provision. Be a part, through prayer and giving, of something much bigger than we can accomplish without Him.


About Cissy:

Cissy has been in full-time ministry for over 15 years.  She is on the National Women’s Speakers list with the Assemblies of God.  Cissy has ministered to many different denominations and in a variety of venues. She has ministered for international, national, state and local events, patriotic events, and more.

“I count it an honor and a privilege to be used by God and to be led by the Holy Spirit.”   –  Cissy


"We had Cissy and Bill in February of 2019. What a blessing to hear Gospel centered, Spirit empowered music that uplifts and encourages. I would heartily recommend their ministry whether in RV Resorts or established Churches."
RV Icon
Pastor Bob Long
Cactus Gardens RV Resort, Yuma, AZ
"Cissy presented the message, the testimonies, and the interspersing of song in such an inspiring, emotional way – totally connecting the women to the Truth of God’s Word."
Linda Morrison
Women of Purpose Director, NY
"We appreciate you for ministering to our church family in Brooklyn, NY. You are one of the most anointed guests we have had!"
Lou Hublal
Pastor, NY