Tier Drop RV Service

Tier Drop RV 28320 E. County 11th Tt., Wellton, AZ, United States

If you are in the area, make it a point to drop by. We would love to have ya there.  

Gila Mountain Service

Gila Mtn. RV Resort 12325 S. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ, United States

Are you in the Yuma area? Stop by and join us for a spell. Come introduce yourself and tell us you heard

Shangri-La Service

Shangra-la RV Resort Yuma, AZ, United States

I bet you didn't know that Shangri-La was so close. While you're here be sure to say hi.  

Valdez First Baptist Second Service

Valdez First Baptist Church 360 Klutina St., Valdez, AK, United States

If you didn't make it to the “Chapel of the Sea” worship service at 8:00 am, join us at First Baptist church.

Valdez First Baptist Service

First Baptist Church of Valdez 360 Klutina St, Valdez, AK, United States

Come visit us. We would love to see you.

Kotzebue Church of God Service

Kotzebue Church of God 322 2nd Ave., Kotzebue, AK, United States

I'm singing in concert Saturday night and Sunday night and I sing a couple songs on Sunday am! If you are nearby,

Kotzebue Church of God Service

Kotzbue Church of God 322 Second Avenue, Kotzebue, AK, United States

Wouldn't you like to come see us in the wilds of Alaska so far west that when the pastor finishes his sermon

North Pole Nazarene Church Service

North Pole Church of the Nazarene Worship Sun @ 11am 1955 Peridot Street, North Pole, United States

Now who can pass up an opportunity like this? That's right! We are singing for Jesus with the jolly man himself. Don't