God’s Answers and Healing

Hi Cissy,
We LOVED visiting with you guys over the summer!!!! I really hope we can chat again!
I have been so blessed by your music, I wanted to give back to you for what God is doing in my life 🙂 It’s just a way to “pay it forward”. If someone else can have access to your music and receive God’s heart-healing like I have, all the money in the world could not compare. 
When I was visiting with you and Bill and you turned on the song “Sometimes you have to fall to fly”, the Holy Spirit was speaking directly to me! I had just embarked on my journey of getting out of a terrible relationship that was very dangerous for me. There were a lot of questions rolling around in my mind of “why did this happen”, “what did I do wrong”, “how
could I have disappointed God”? That song and so many others that you recorded have ushered in God’s answers and healing and presence in the midst of my process of gaining freedom. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your ministry and your willingness to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.
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